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Here at Buyur technology is our passion. We offer our customers over 50,000 quality products, and this list grows every single day. From tablets and smartphones to computers, monitors, speakers and all the way through to the simplest cable, we have everything to suit your electronics needs.

Our team of highly-experienced (slightly geeky) experts bring an in-depth knowledge of the latest tech and lifestyle products, which enables us to refresh our knowledge on an ongoing basis and deliver it directly to you before you buy! We love researching, discovering and bringing you the newest and most exciting gadgets from the hundreds of different technology manufacturers from all over the world.

Buyur was founded in Cheshire in February 2010, formed by directors with financial background of over 15 years and have a keen eye for pricing and cost saving; they brought their best customer service team together, all with a passion for the products we provide. The combination of cost saving, passion and customer service has been the recipe of our success over the last four years. We are working to be a leader in developing changes to the online shopping experience and thereby transforming the shopping experiences of millions of people.

At Buyur all we want to do is help customers save money and receive the best service at the same time. You can contact us easily by email on the Contact Us page and there will always be a dedicated member of staff to help with your query. We have invested in building a websites that allows you to track your order status, view previous and compare products.

If you have any more questions, take a look at our FAQ and to get in touch please see our Contact Us page.