Adagio ADAGI080X667 A3 80 GSM Rey Paper - Ivory (Pack of 500 Sheets)

UR Code 258471| MPN ADAGI080X667

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This is a pack of 500 Rey Adagio sheets of A3 paper. This A3 80gsm paper is suitable for all types of printing, such as double-sided copying, inkjet and laser printers. These colours make them perfect for making signs and posters, cheap leaflets and handouts or anything that needs to stand out or grab attention. Colourful paper can also be useful when colour coding subject matter, or making sections stand out in a report. Printing on this paper may also help aid people with dyslexia to process information more easily. Sometimes, text printed on a coloured background helps people with dyslexia. Every individual will respond differently to different colours, so you may need to experiment to find the one that suits. This pack of 500 Rey Adagio A4 sheets of paper are ideal for everyday school, home and office use.

  • Dimensions: 420x300x60 mm

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