Arcade Horizon Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphones Upto 5.7-Inch - Black

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Unleash new horizons

The Horizon VR headset allows you to take your smartphone,and transform it into a virtual reality that you step inside. Instead of thenormal world around you, you will find yourself transported into your game.

Challenge yourselfwith a new gaming experience

This is the new and exciting way to play games, and totallyrevolutionises the gaming experience. Unearth different experiences that youcould never have predicted as you challenge yourself in a completely new way.

Explore virtualrealities

As well as exploring the virtual realities that have beencreated by different gaming companies, you can also explore realities that area little closer to home. For example, you can look around panoramic photographsthat you have taken with your device.

Use with controllerfor added functionality

For Android uses, you can also purchase the Arcadecontroller for added functionality, which means that you can fully immerseyourself into the gaming experience without limits.


Arcade offers you the chance to ignore the boundaries andplay in a totally new way. It is impossible not to love the gadgets and toysthat have no limits, so buckle up for more joy and laughter than you thoughtpossible!



Headset dimensions: L130 x W165 x H105 (mm)

Play time: up to 5 hours