Moshi MUSE FOR Macbook 12" 99MO034003


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Exquisitely tailored for your MacBook, Muse 12 is the perfect slim fit carrying case for an on-the-go lifestyle. With a zipper-less and velcro-free design, Muse allows you to stow away and take out your MacBook without scratching its pristine finish.

A durable padded exterior protects against minor scrapes and bumps, while a soft Terahedronâ„¢ microfiber interior removes fingerprints while gently cradling your device.

Muse features a SlipGripâ„¢ opening that acts as a safety catch to prevent your MacBook from accidentally slipping out of the case, even when turned upside down. Muse 12 also includes an outer pocket for convenient storage of adapters and cables.